Thank you for attending the Taste of Mindfulness workshop. Feel free to try following the meditation recordings and practice on your own. Start small and see how it goes for you! Enjoy and don’t hesitate to contact us via email: karson@mindfulocean, Facebook: , Instagram: mindfuloceanhk or Whatsapp: 60184597 if you have any questions about mindfulness.

3-minute Breathing Space – Karson Wong

3分鐘呼吸空間 – 黃嘉信 Karson

10-minute Awareness of Breath Meditation – Karson Wong

15分鐘 覺知呼吸靜觀練習 – 黃嘉信 Karson

16-minute Body Scan Meditation – Karson Wong

20分鐘 身體掃描靜觀練習 – 黃嘉信 Karson

6-minute Mindful Eating – Karson Wong

10分鐘 靜觀飲食練習 – 黃嘉信 Karson