mPEAK: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge

mPEAK: Mindful Performance Enhancement, Awareness u0026amp; Knowledge is an intensive course in mindfulness training for those who seek to draw upon this proven practice to achieve their goals, both personal and professional, as well as attain new levels of performance and success at work, in sports or life. This cutting-edge 8-week training program is built around the latest brain research related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and “flow”.

The mPEAK program enhances the human capacity of mindfulness through established and empirically supported practices and exercises, tailored to fit the needs and desires of the team, organization or individual. As with physical training, this mental-emotional training program is based upon the understanding that optimal outcomes occur most often when participants continue to engage in the practices and exercises on a daily basis as a part of their training regimen. Mindfulness is effective precisely because it is a way of being and relating to all aspects of life, rather than a specific technique or tool for a particular goal. The foundation of this program is drawn from the highly respected and empirically-supported Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Additionally, the program incorporates specific practices and exercises formulated to correspond to recent neuroscientific findings, competitive advances, and related research regarding optimal performance.

The mPEAK program was developed in conjunction with the US National BMX Cycling Team in 2014, as a collaboration between the coaches of the team, UC San Diego neuroscientists Drs. Lori Haase and Martin Paulus, and the UCSD Center for Mindfulness leaders Executive Director Dr. Steven Hickman and Managing Director Allan Goldstein.

Whether you are an athlete, performing artist, business leader, entrepreneur, teacher, coach or simply want to participate in a program that brings together the latest neuroscience and mindfulness training to enable you to be at your best please join us by registering for the mPEAK program.

Upcoming intake:
Date: Week-day Evening from October to Early December (To Be Announced)
Time: 7:00pm to 9:30pm (2.5hrs x 8 Sessions)
Teacher: Karson Wong (UMass. CFM Qualified MBSR Teacher; UC San Diego CFM mPEAK Coach-in-Training)
Location: To Be Announced
Course fee: HK$4,300 (inclusive of course materials and meditation recordings)

靜觀尖峰表現訓練 mPEAK






mPEAK 8週內容概覽(每節2.5小時):

1. 靜觀入門 – 認識靜觀與表現的關係
2. 身體內感與復原力
3. 內心的表現故事
4. 為心流狀態作準備
5. 如何面對痛楚及逆境
6. 內心的自我批判教練與同情心教練
7. 對品格強項的覺察
8. 有覺察地訂立目標並意圖明確地生活

透過有系統的靜觀修習及訓練,以助參加者鍛練復原力(Resilience) 及自我疼惜 (Self-Compassion),以更容易於各種個人專業範疇如管理領導工作、體育、演藝、創作活動等中達致頂峰表現(Peak Performance).


  1. 對身體有更敏銳的覺察 – 為靜觀打好基礎,學會以好奇心接納身體反應
  2. 認知並擺脫自身設置的阻礙 – 清𥇦體會分心、自我負面評價及不由自主反應對表現的影響
  3. 與逆境時刻共處及迎接困難挑戰 – 學習以靜觀態度面對痛楚、恐懼、失敗等
  4. 認識完美主義及對目標執著的利弊 – 探索個人強項特質並以自我疼惜的態度發揮所長

融合有關頂峰表現、復原力、集中力及心流狀態的大腦神經科學研究成果及以實證為本的靜觀訓練,集中針對表現範疇的需要, 循序漸進讓參加者建立自我覺察能力,有效地維持身體及心智情緒狀態,於關鍵時刻發揮出最佳水平。