For most people, 2020 has been an unprecedentedly difficult year. The world are still facing public health, social-economic challenges brought by the Covid pandemic. Masks, lockdown, working from home, isolations, layoffs…so How have you been this year? Today is New Year’s Eve, let’s try the following 4 mindfulness steps with wave good bye to 2020 and welcome 2021 and new moments ahead!

1. Acknowledge and Attend to how we actually feel right now. Turn inward mindfully. Whether we are lonely or delighted, unease or energized, it is alright to feel like that. Hold whatever you experience in the mind, heart & body with kindness and acceptance.

2. Let go of “Should…” expectations. Life may not go like what we wanted it to be. Holding these expectation too tightly will only trap our mind in the past and the thoughts, and not likely to bring happiness. Try to embody openness and creativity to embrace the “new normal” life experiences.

3. Recall pleasant moments in 2020. These may include your achievements, learning, connection, support, growth, awe and more. These positive & fun experiences deserve your attention and some space in your mind too.

4. Recognize and harness your current strengths, qualities and the support you have now. These are your incredible resources. What quality/strength would you like to remind yourself of to support your wellbeing and happiness in 2021?

“Now is the future that you promised yourself last year, last month, last week. Now is the only moment you’ll ever really have. Mindfulness is about waking up to this.” ~ Mark Williams

I hope these 4 steps can help you make easier and more conscious transition to 2021. Wishing you safe, healthy and well! Happy new year!

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